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World Retina Day

World Retina Day is held on September 29. Held on the last Sunday in September. This event in the third decade of the month September is annual. Help us Help us 
29 September - World Retina Day
Your retina only has one job, but it is a very important one: convert the light that the eye has captured into electric signals that the brain can process. All along the back of your eye is a thin layer of cells made specifically to catch and absorb the light that has come through your pupil and lens. The retinal is made of 10 layers containing nerve cells, blood vessels and photoreceptors called rods and cones. There are roughly 120 million rods in the retina that are more sensitive to light but not color. Incredibly efficient photoreceptors, rods are responsible for night and peripheral vision.
World Retina Day is observed on the last Sunday of September. The main goal of the day is to find a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa and its associated illnesses since the retina is a very thin layer on the eye that has an important function in vision.

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