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Geographer's Day in Russia

Geographer's Day in Russia is held on August 18. This event in the second decade of the month August is annual. Help us Help us 
18 August - Geographer's Day in Russia
Unlike geologists, geographers did not have their own professional holiday for a long time. The Russian Geographical Society came up with the initiative to organize such an event, addressing the President of Russia. On May 15, 2019, the President of Russia approved a list of measures aimed at popularizing geography among Russians, among which was the establishment of a professional holiday for geographers.
By a decree of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of April 3, 2020, the celebration of Geographer's Day was established on August 18 in recognition of the merits of Russian geographers to domestic and world geographical science. The Geographer's Day is dedicated to a memorable date: on August 18, 1845, Emperor Nicholas I approved the proposal of the Minister of the Interior, Count L.A. Perovsky, on the creation of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg.

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