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CalendarOctober2 → Vet Nurse Awareness Week in New Zealand

Vet Nurse Awareness Week in New Zealand

Vet Nurse Awareness Week in New Zealand is held on October 2. Starts on the first Monday in October. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
2 October - Vet Nurse Awareness Week in New Zealand
Vet Nurse Awareness Week aims to educate the public about veterinary nurses and their vital role as part of the veterinary team. It aims to reinforce the value and professionalism of veterinary nurses to veterinarians and the public, and provide an opportunity for veterinary nurses to acknowledge one another for excellent performance in their work.
New Zealand has about 800 veterinary practices, ranging from small practices employing one or two veterinary nurses to larger practices with 20 staff or more. According to the Census, 2,145 veterinary nurses worked in New Zealand in 2018.
Celebrate Veterinary Nurse Awareness Week by decorating your clinic with posters and banners, to bring Vet Nurse Awareness Week to the attention of your clients. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your clinics facilities and services by holding an open day, or hospital tour, in which nurses are featured. Run specific displays or seminars in your clinic, to highlight the many roles veterinary nurses perform.

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