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International Doctorís Day

International Doctorís Day is held on October 2. On the first monday of October. This event in the first decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
2 October - International Doctorís Day
Every year, on the first Monday of October, doctors in many countries celebrate International Doctor's Day. Globally, the first Doctors' Day was marked on March 30th, 1933, in Winder, Georgia, US. It was originally begun by Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of a prominent Georgian doctor, who wished to plan a day merely for remembering and honoring doctors. She selected the most reliable means to do that was to mail greeting cards to all of the doctors she knew of and to put flowers on the graves of dead practitioners. The flowers that she laid on the graves of these doctors were red carnations; this flower is still used to this day.
The main purpose of Doctors' Day is to recognize and appreciate the numerous contributions of physicians to individual lives and societies.

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