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World Otaku Day

World Otaku Day is held on December 15. A person who is passionate about something. This event in the second decade of the month December is annual. Help us Help us 
15 December - World Otaku Day
Did you know that the term Otaku originated in 1983? That's right, all thanks to an interview with journalist Akio Nakamori, who was in charge of positioning this word in popular culture. Otaku (おたく or オタク) is used in Japan and other countries to refer to people who are passionate about anime or manga.
Since then, it is estimated that in the world there are many followers of the genre, for example, a 2013 Japanese study found that only in this country, 42% of the population identifies itself under this category.
Therefore, its followers determined that December 15 would officially be Otaku Day, a date that aims to pay tribute to historical characters, authors, directors and fans.
Thus, around the world, fans of iconic anime and manga series celebrate remembering their favorite programs in festivals and through social networks.

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