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International Firgun Day

International Firgun Day is held on July 17. In 2014, Made in JLM, an Israeli non-profit community group, set out to create "International Firgun Day", a holiday celebrated yearly on July 17, where people share compliments or express genuine pride in the accomplishment of others on social media. This event in the second decade of the month July is annual. Help us Help us 
17 July - International Firgun Day
In 2014, Made in JLM, an Israeli non-profit community group, set out to create International Firgun Day. It is a very Israeli term that comes from the Yiddish פארגינען (which seems to derive from the German, Vergönnen). Firgun (pronounced FEER-GOON, פרגון) is a Hebrew word that does not have any good translation to English. It means an act of kindness performed solely to make another person feel good. We sat down and thought how we can spread those good vibes, and thats how Firgun Day was born, says Roy Munin, CEO of MadeinJLM, an organization that promotes and connects the Jerusalem-based entrepreneurship community.
Sounds nice, doesnt it? So nice, in fact, that it even has its own day on the calendar: on July 17, AKA International Firgun Day, people across the world are encouraged to give a shout-out to a deserving someone or something in their life.

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