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Dress Up Your Pet Day

Dress Up Your Pet Day is held on January 14. This event in the second decade of the month January is annual. Help us Help us 
14 January - Dress Up Your Pet Day
Today many of you will be dressing up your dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits or guinea pigs in order to celebrate this holiday unless youre like me and have a snake then you sadly will have a hard time of partaking. Dress Up Your Pet Day falls on January 14 every year, and it was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige.
People have different reasons for dressing up their pets. Some do it so their pet isn't left out, some so they get positive reactions on social media, others simply just think their pet looks cute and enjoy the sense of occasion a costume helps create.
One of the top reasons to dress up your dog is to stay warm. Some dogs simply aren't built for cold weather. Puppies, senior dogs, small dogs, and shorthaired dogs are perfect candidates for sweaters, jackets, and other canine clothing that will help shield them from the elements.

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