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International Carignan Day

International Carignan Day is held on October 26. Celebrated on the last Thursday in October. This event in the third decade of the month October is annual. Help us Help us 
26 October - International Carignan Day
Carignan is both the name of a grape and the wine that is made from it. Its a late maturing grape. Carignan (care-in-yen) wines have long been known for value, however as the worlds vineyards age it has finally become known for quality. Its fruit-forward red fruit and baking spice flavors, along with subtle notes of umami, make it the perfect food wine. Carignan adds red-fruit flavors of raspberry and cranberry sauce. Carignan adds spice flavors of cinnamon and star-anise. Carignan offers umami flavors of smoked and cured meats. Carignan (aged with a touch of oak) adds flavors of sandalwood and baking spices.
Today were celebrating Carignan because its International Carignan Day! The day has existed for a few years now and was established by Carignan Renaissance.
While Italians have long claimed to carignan to have its origins there, ampeolographic research has proven this is not the case. Carignan is of the same variety as the grape Mazuelo (or Mazuela) from Rioja. According to ampelographers, carignan most likely originated in the North-Western Spanish region of Aragon. It is possible that the name carignan comes from the village Cariñena in Zaragoza provence.

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