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Forest Engineer's Day in Argentina

Forest Engineer's Day in Argentina is held on August 16. This event in the second decade of the month August is annual. Help us Help us 
16 August - Forest Engineer's Day in Argentina
August 16 is Forest Engineer's Day in Argentina, a day to honor professionals in the management, conservation and adaptation of a resource as important as it is complex: the forest and its environment.
The choice of this day is due to the memory of the first forest engineers to receive their degrees from an Argentine university, which occurred on August 16, 1963, when Anibal Dalmacio and Hector Rodolfo Reiter received their degrees from the National University of Cordoba.
In Argentina, his career began with the creation of the Institute of Forestry in Santiago del Estero, located in Casa del Maestro, but dependent on the National University of Cordoba, an academic institution that gave it academic recognition by Resolution No. 9 in 1985. Today, this academic unit has evolved into the Faculty of Forest Sciences of UNSE. Since its creation, this specialty has been distinguished by its main responsibility: the management, planning or administration of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity as strategic areas of knowledge.

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