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National Procrastination Week in the UK

National Procrastination Week in the UK is held on March 1. The goal is to leave unnecessary tasks at a later time, provide mental and emotional relief, help reduce stress and anxiety. This event in the first decade of the month March is annual. Help us Help us 
1 March - National Procrastination Week in the UK
Nobody is born a procrastinator; this is only a habit that some people fall into. The Procrastination Research Group found that 18% of people in an online survey suffered extreme negative impacts because of their procrastination. Another 46% stated that procrastination has a highly negative impact on their happiness. Procrastination is a particularly big problem for those of running small businesses.
In other words, more than 84% of the population has experience of putting off those all important must-do tasks: 14.4% admit to procrastinating rarely. 27.4% do so sometimes. 22.1% do so often. As hypothesized, procrastination was highest in the youngest cohort (1429 years). Only in the youngest and most procrastinating cohort (aged 14 to 29 years), men procrastinated more than women.

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