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Smart Celebrations and Events for 2024-2025 year
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National traditions, Public holidays and Notable observances for 2024-2025 year

April 2024

Monday 22 April - Chemists Celebrate Earth Day in USA (In 2003, the American Chemical Society joined in on April 22's festivities. Each year, ACS highlights one of four general topics and chooses a theme—this year it's "Our Earth: Handle With Care"—to focus the celebration and highlight how chemists can contribute to a greener world)
Thursday 25 April - International Girls in ICT Day (aims to encourage and empower girls and young women to consider studies and car eers in the growing field of Information and communications technology); World DNA Day

May 2024

June 2024

Sunday 2 June - Graduate Day in Economic Sciences, Argentina (Día del graduado en Ciencias Económicas)

July 2024

Wednesday 17 July - Yellow Pig Day (is a monthly collaborative art project celebrating the United States' wide array of bizarre national holidays)

August 2024

September 2024

October 2024

Tuesday 15 October - Ada Lovelace Day (was created to celebrate one of the first computer programmers)
Thursday 17 October - Edge Day (International observance, Straight Edge Movement)
Tuesday 22 October - Fechner Day (International observance)

November 2024

December 2024

January 2025

Wednesday 1 January - Z Day (People whose first or last name start with the letter Z must have it pretty rough. Most processes, systems and organizations use alphabetical sorting as standard, meaning they are always last no matter the place or occasion); Ohio Braille Literacy Week
Saturday 4 January - World Braille Day (UN 1 November 2018 A/C.3/73/L.5/Rev.1); World Braille Day
Wednesday 8 January - Earth's Rotation Day (In 1851, the French physicist Léon Foucault demonstrated how the earth rotates by suspending a lead-filled brass ball from the top of the Panthéon in Paris)

February 2025

Saturday 1 February - World Read Aloud Day (is a day devoted to the power of literacy and the transformational joy that comes from sharing stories aloud within a family, a classroom, and a community. Founded by the nonprofit LitWorld and sponsored by Scholastic)
Wednesday 12 February - Darwin Day (International observance)

March 2025

April 2025

Tuesday 8 April - National Dark Sky Week in USA (The darkest holiday of them all was founded in 2003, and every April the week of the new moon marks a time to shed some light on our big expanse of sky)
Tuesday 15 April - International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day (is celebrated annually on 15 April to promote and acknowledge the role of biomedical laboratory professionals in diagnostic and preventative healthcare organisations)
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